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Stormwater Management
Erosion and Restoration
Rivers and Streams
Lakes and Wetlands

Conference Presentations

ASFPM-Hartford, CT 2013
>Levee Removal/ Setback for Flood Risk Reduction in the Upper Mississippi River Basin: Policy, Funding and Implementation Issues

National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration- Schaumberg, IL 2013
>Quantifiying Potential Floodplain Restoration Benefits in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, USA

2013 International Low Impact Development Symposium-St. Paul, MN
>Achieving LID Runoff Reduction Goals Via Infiltration-The Potential for Unintended Consequences

MARS Raingarden

The MARS team designed and installed three raingardens for their building in Cottage Grove in 2009.

The raingardens redirect stormwater runoff from the rooftop to a three depressions planted with native vegetation. That way, the water can soak into the ground.

Want to build your own? Raingardens is a presentation that will help to get you started.

Through a multi-disciplinary staff combined with a think-tank atmosphere, we provide a flexible, diverse, and experienced approach to difficult water resources engineering problems, especially those that require "connecting the dots" between different technical areas and regulatory programs.

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We specialize in water resource engineering including stormwater management, erosion and restoration, rivers and streams, lakes and wetlands, and groundwater.

About Us

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MARS and Sand County Foundation have published an article in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation on treatment of nitrogen in agricultural runoff using an enhanced wetland. Read it here: http://tinyurl.com/pae7py8

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